Dear Reader,

Art has meant many different things in my life, worn countless masks of different mediums in the grand, sparkling masquerade of creativity. But it has always been, at its core, some form of art that has captivated me most completely. 

The artistry of food completely caught me off guard. It romanced me with its colors and textures and the fragrance of garlic toasting in butter. I was a novice in the kitchen, burning from forgetting or salting too little, but eating it anyway because I was tired and hungry. Yet as I pulled my very first steaming loaf of bread out of the oven and presented my first pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner, as I chopped and sliced and sautéed, I found in flavor a new irresistible color to paint with. I realized the joy of creating something that nourishes others in the most biologically essential way. I found deep satisfaction in transforming bare produce into truly tasty sustenance with my own two hands. I discovered a sort of peaceful beauty in the kneading of dough, in the whisking of eggs, in the scent of freshly chopped parsley.

I've come to understand that the food we consume and the ways in which we nourish ourselves are important. Food is not only fuel but also a way that we connect to one another, a way to access sensory memory, and a way to slow down and savor the deliciousness of the moment three times a day as we fill ourselves by the forkful. It is a facet of mindful living, an opportunity to discover the beauty of an everyday task, of chopping and mixing and gathering 'round the table.

I believe that learning to recognize the loveliness in the everyday, to embrace the sort of sacred beauty only discoverable in ordinary and commonplace things, just might be the saccharine sugar that makes life taste sweet even in bitter times. Perhaps we might discover, wide-eyed and curious, that there is much to be found even in the messes and the mundane, in simple moments and slow days, in the pantry and on the stovetop. It's intentionality. It's pouring peppery cabernet in the kitchen surrounded by good company. It's scooting your chair closer to the table. It's breathing in deep. It's listening to the birds sing. It's being present.

A harvest awaits. There is a plentitude ripe for the picking, a cluster of ordinary moments full of joy and flavor and connection. There is good food to be had. There is hot, strong coffee to be sipped and meals to be shared. There are blessings to be seen and forgiveness to be given. There is lemonade to be made.

This space is where I share my effort to harvest what is lovely in life, focusing on food and creativity and words. This remains a canvas for self expression and a way to freely share what is good and simple and beautiful, a mindful sort of romanticizing of the small things in life. I hope you'll come and stay awhile.

Sincerely, Adelle