exquisitely beautiful;

delightful for beauty, harmony, or grace.


the season for or process of gathering crops;

a productive result or something collected.

 Welcome to A Lovely Harvest, a space dedicated to sharing recipes and celebrating soulful sustenance.



I believe in chocolate and in romaine, in indulgence and in simplicity. I believe in hearty laughter and in being present. I believe in the importance of valuing ordinary moments and appreciating the sort of sacred beauty found in only in the commonplace. I believe in the written word, in creative expression, and in nourishing ourselves with good food. I believe there is a daily harvest of quiet, unassuming moments waiting to be gathered and recognized as lovely. The chopping of onions, the sifting of flour, the coffee we help ourselves to each morning and the growing shadows of dusk are the simpler moments of our day-to-day, moments that I believe are worth savoring like fluffy morsels of sweet cake...